Friday, August 7, 2009

Snyder and Ross: Arkansas Children Hospital for Town Hall meeting

Yes, I attended the event that took place Wednesday and no fight broke out. Who was there? Just your average day run of the mill Arkansans. And no there was no organized right wing extremest out-rage. The vast majority was opposed to the so-called health care proposals.

Yes people were upset and emotional. The last time I checked that was not illegal or unconstitutional. What we need to remember no matter what we think, and no matter what the other person thinks. They have a right to voice there opinion. It is a constitutional right guaranteed by the 1st amendment. Which is given to us by God as per the Declaration of Independence.

There was a lot of questions. But the most important issues were not addressed. The first question should of been. How has our health care come to this point? The second is, What does the Constitution state is the Congress' authority on the issue? Why has our money have lost 95% of its value, since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which is not part of our government (it is as federal as Federal Express.) Why is the largest lobbyist groups in Washington the drug and medical groups? Until these questions we address and get the answers. No matter what our government does it will fail, because it is based on a system of fail er. All you have to do is look back to Social Security, Medicare-Medicaid, and the current Insurance providers. Remember President Johnson instituted Medicare and Medicaid, President Nixon mandated that companies provide insurance to employees. With that came more government regulation and then more lobbyists. Just a vicious circle costing us Americans good health care, money, and Freedom.

The most striking statement from our two Congressmen was from Ross and I quote "We will get national medical ID card for identification." He went on to say we need to make our records secure. Well since Obama and Congress mandated that all medical records become electronic. (You see how they do this they mandate something and then say it needs security so they manipulate us into another Freedom eliminating law.) Snyder chimed in also and said the "AMA" is for this bill (another lobby group.) Ross said there is a total of five bills. Three is the House and two in the Senate. The disinformation is on purpose to keep us of guard. Make no mistake about it (and I don't care what these two puppets say) we will get government run health care unless we keep them in check. It will sound so sweet but in reality it won't be what you want. There is an old proverb "Be careful what you ask for you just might get it."

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