Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Calling ALL UNIONS!!!!!

Another broken promise by comrade Obama. He stated in a speech to Auto Workers that we need to get out of NAFTA and GATT. In this article from USAtoday entitled "Obama: North America needs 'aggressive action'. " This is not good for the United Sates of America. Why?, because this article just further makes my point that there is a design to destroy this country.
Here is a clip out of the article.

"Noting the huge trading partnership among the three neighbors, Obama said that commerce must be expanded, not restricted."

This statement out of the article sums it all up. All of our jobs are at stake. If you think that since your union backed Obama and the Democrats you are safe think again. Just look at the U.S. Auto industry is a perfect example. We The People paid the federal government in two banker bailouts and stimulus package to break the United Auto workers and the industry.

Oh by the way how much stimulus money did you get? The banks according to a New American , Politico, and even left wing blog Huffington post received over 23 trillion. The Huffington post even acknowledges the corruption and deceiving tactics in Washington. Just admit it folks our government is run by a bunch of criminals that is stealing us blind, taking away our liberties, and systematically eliminating our jobs.

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