Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rep. Conyers Sees No Point in Reading the Bills

Now this is one of many reasons why this country is so screwed up. This should also be common sense. You don't vote on something, that one you don't understand, two don't have time to read, and three rely on some intern for there interpretation or some lobbyist.

This is despicable. Every single one of them should be recalled. This guy is not only arrogant, but is also stupid. (Yes, I called him arrogant and stupid. It is not a mistake and I have the 1st amendment right to say it. Because it has not been eliminated YET!!!!!) Mr. Conyers and the rest of the elite butt licking followers of our government must think we are ignorant. Well, we are not all so ignorant or stupid, and loaded up with your fluoridated water, mercury filled vaccines and etc.

They have to hurry up and pass these bills, because if they give the American people time to read them we would know what was in them. So this must mean that when a huge bill comes before Congress it must be pre-written by elitist lawyers and they are told talking points, and are told to vote for it. Sounds pretty suspicious to me. How about you?

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