Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Health Care Solution

The United States Government should remove itself from the Health Care system. Yes that is right the government should remove itself from the troubled system that they created. It is okay for the government to provide health care as a employer.

In the United States Constitution there is no place in the Constitution that gives our government the authority to provide socialized medicine. Article I section 8 describes in detail what the congress is authorized to do and guess what; Health Care is not one of them. Neither is Social Security, medicare, or Medicaid. All of these programs are Unconstitutional period. Per the 9th and 10th amendment health care is reserved to the states.

Congressman Ross form Arkansas during a town hall meeting that I attended said in his opening remarks; "That since the early 70's health care cost have spiraled out of control." No kidding Sherlock. Guess What happen before the costs went up? Yes Johnson and a Democratic congress instituted Medicare and Medicaid. Then Nixon mandated business provide health insurance to its employees.

For all of you drinking the government kool-aid I have news for you. Those people who fund our medical schools and etc. are the same people who gave Hitler his eugenics master race programs.
Who is that you ask: Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie foundations. So be careful of what you ask for you just might get it.

This health care proposal is not about help for you or about your well being. It is about power, control, and eugenics.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy has been used in health care and now we are at this point. With the government causing a problem than posing as our saviors. In all reality they are neither the solution or saviors.

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