Friday, August 7, 2009

Holdren: Infants Not Human Beings

This is what they think about us. Remember that Holdren's co-author was Bush's science czar before Holdren was Obama's. Just another link that links the power behind the throne of our Government. This article by Jurriaan Maessen is another must read.

Health care is a cover to get us to let them have there control. It is nothing more than a wolf in sheep covering, Trojan horse. Folks it is all about eugenics. They don't want you around. They are on record saying the want to element anywhere between 75%-95% of us. The Georgia guide stones which is a monument to the Humanist Manifesto specifically states " reduce the world's population to 500,000." If you don't believe me google it, better yet drive down there to see for yourself.

Now it was God who said be fruitful and multiply. The Devil is all about your destruction. So what is all of this about? It is a war going on. As Paul describes in Ephesians Ch. 6. There is a war going on folks. You have to decide which side you are going to be on. You can keep ignoring the Bible and the book inside of it entitled Revelation all you want to, but it won't take much for it to come to pass. We are so close to the situations that Revelation describes only a idiot would dismiss it. Yes that is right I said idiot and I said it on purpose. Just maybe you will lower your pride and think about it just a little.

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