Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Right Wing” Blogger was allegedly trained by the FBI

This article is troubling to say the least. If these reports are accurate we had better be very careful who we confide in. Plants among us to cause us problems. Can anyone say Benedict Arnold.

The strange case of blogger Hal Turner may offer the American people an opportunity to better understand the concept of a government controlling its own opposition. Turner is facing federal charges for allegedly making threats against federal judges and state lawmakers, but his case — regardless of its outcome — raises fundamental questions about the state of the nation...

The question should be who is the real enemy? We had better pray for discernment and put our feet to the ground. Once we loose ground on our liberty it will be three times as hard to get it back. We must be proactive and not reactive. We must have a revolution peacefully by being well informed and then voting for the Republic.
Important full article here.

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