Friday, August 7, 2009

The Comprensive Flu Pandemic Resource

Here is a complete article link at Infowars. This has a whole host of main stream media articles about the "Flu". Some of these articles I have posted or have sent to you already. It would be worth the time to go through them.

I want to remind you great Americans and Patriots. Our government's puppet handlers always need a crisis to bring in there agenda. The jig is up. People are figuring out that Obama is a fraud and both the Democrat es and Republicans are in bed with one another. So look out and be on watch. Something big is on the Verge of erupting.

The "Swine Flu" just maybe the cover to put the public back into the corner where they want us. Be alert folks. It is all about control. They will use any tactic possible to suppress you. That means anything. They will suppress your rights: Free Speech, Gun Rights, and etc.

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