Sunday, August 2, 2009

Geithner Won’t Rule Out New Taxes for Middle Class

Another Promise broken. Mr. Turbo Tax Geithner won't rule out new higher taxes for the middle class. Is this a must due to the fall in tax revenue? Will it increase tax revenue? Is this planned? My answer is that the rhetoric of the campaign is just that rhetoric. In my educated opinion on politics, it was always the plan to use the bad economy as an excuse to raise our taxes.
This article from ABCnews on Mr. Geithners response to questions about the economy and taxes exposes what the true intent is. Folks they don't care if it hurts you. They know taxes is a way to reduce your ability to resists and also increases their power. This is all about control and power.

Once they raise our taxes it will be extremely hard to reduce them. Our government is way outside of the Constitution. It is only you and I that can restrain our government by making our voice herd to our officials and then at the voting booth. When we vote we need to vote for those who believe in the original intent of the Constitution.

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