Thursday, August 20, 2009

John D. Rockefeller regards John Holdren as a Saint

Health Care advocates pay attention to this article. After Mr. Rockefeller gets what he wants you won't be worth anything to him. You are not worth anything to him now but he just needs you to be deceived just a bit longer until he can get his death plan in place. We all (liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, Independent, patriot, and etc) are the target. The elite are all on record about doing away with 75-90 percent of the population. A Saint; no a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In a recent hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV refers to John Holdren as “walking on water”- inferring on the current science czar a saint-like status and reaffirming Rockefeller’s admiration of anyone pushing the depopulation agenda his family has propagated for the better part of the 20th century. In the current century, it seems, the family is no less committed to its age-old objectives.

Full article here by Jurriaan Maessen

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