Monday, July 13, 2009

Judge Sotomayor and the real Agenda

By Brian Gwatney
13 July 2009

It has been reported that Sotomayor's appointment is basically a done deal. Only an act of God will keep her from being confirmed. So lets take a step back and examine the situation once more, and to get some more clarity on the situation.

Sotomayor is an activist judge no doubt about that. She has questionable associations with groups, as one can put it "fascists" in its own right. The remarks she has made about looking to international law for United States decisions is troubling. No it is down right treason. The Constitution doesn't tell our Supreme court to go to Europe to get ideas to determine our cases here. For God's sakes our for fathers left Europe, and now we want judges who brings us closer to those which we departed.

This brings me now to two main reasons for her appointment. One short term and immediate goal and the other long term progressive goal. Which this will get lost in the details of her confirmations because of the fake left-right paradigm. While our senators bicker in hearings over her. The news media will pump her up on the left and tear her down on the right. And all the while both sides will invoke the Constitution. Which in all reality both sides has been shredding for years. They don't give a bleep about the Constitution. The media will keep each camp (left-right) at each others throats while she sneaks into the court. In the end we all will loose.

Okay short term immediate goals for Sotomayor. First in congress we have a minimum of three gun bills, and with numerous other amendments on gun control poised for other legislation. Now if HR 45 passes and Obama signs it it surely will be appealed and sent to the supreme court. Now you see were I am going, bingo. With her you have a majority left wing leaning liberal court. Which will agitate, inflame, and upset the Conservatives. It is a brilliant move on the globalist part. Not only will they have a rubber stamp on gun control, they will have immense ways to even more demonize Conservatives. Because our gods on the supreme court ruled you can't own that "evil" gun. Only the military and police can have guns. We control them and you don't. So the so called Conservatives in our government will shout foul on the soap box and smile and pat the liberals on the back out of the public eye. They all got what they want an disarmed America. While all the while most freedom loving patriotic Americans won't be able to figure out what happened. Oh by the way who are now terrorists. That is the reason why no gun legislation has been voted on yet. They are waiting for that moment this fall after the summer congressional vacation to strike the death blow to the second amendment. Also remember it was reported by several blogs and news sources that Kissinger told the Russian President that " There will not be any private gun ownership in America come September." Starting to see the picture coming into view now? It is a well orchestrate plan. And most Americans are unaware. She also has reportedly wrote a book were she says the the second amendment doesn't allow private ownership of firearms.

Part two is to help make rulings that will finish off the Constitution as we know it. It will be legislating from the bench night mare for those who want a sovereign United States and who don't want to live under a fascists tyrannical control grid. They globalists will get all the needed help to suppress the public from this court with Sotomayor on it. You could say she is the closer for Obama which is the closer on the United States for the globalists. Remember what Obama said in Denver signing the stimulus bill "This is the beginning of the end." It may have been the second banker bail out, but it doesn't matter because neither bill was read by the people who voted and signed it into the law.

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