Thursday, July 30, 2009


A CNN Article has com out and at Natural News is a good over view of the article. I want to tell you all that, they always announce these things in advance. Couple this with NLE-09; which is a joint exercise between FEMA, US Military, and foreign military forces. This smells of a rat. Also check out this video from Fox and Friends.

You can see something is brewing. Remember they all ways need a crisis to bring in more tyrannical control of Government over the people. Remember Rham Emmanuals statement "Never let a good crisis go to waste." They will use peoples fear to get you and I to give up our rights.

They will try to force vaccinate us over this fake flu outbreak and any who try to resists well guess what, the military will be there to help you and, (if you know what I mean) it won't be the help you want. Check out this commentary by Dr. Carley

Remember a previous article at CNSNews about how government funding of showing up at your home to force you to take vaccines. Couple this with the previous articles and beware cause bad things are coming.

Remember that Obama's polls numbers are falling and his agenda is being stalled in congress. So to get yours and mine attention off the real agenda and problems. The swine flu is propagandized in the media, FEMA with the WHO Level 6, and the President powers awarded to him by Bush (in the Presidential Directive 51) there is no telling what might happen.

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