Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't worry The Republicans won't Save US.

Our country is being destroyed by design, and the Conservative media is saying "2010 we will have a come back and take back congress, and in 2012 we will take back the Presidency." Well, I have one word "NOT".

Even if the so-called Republicans do take back the majority in the government. It will be to late with the damage already done. Second most likely until WE THE PEOPLE stop drinking the kool-aid, we will elect more people who are members of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), of which none of them have this countries interest at heart. One cannot be a member of the CFR unless you are invited, and then unless you are vetted, and subscribe to globalism you will not be there for long.

Also the trilateral commission of which Jimmy Carter (former President) was one of the first members. It's job is to divide the world into three sections, and to pit one another off another. So all the manipulation going on and we think we are the bas kin of freedom in the world. Stop being so naive.

We must check out all our people running for office. Make sure they are not connected in anyway with the evil groups like CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderburg group. We need patriots and statesmen. If you think that the Republicans and Democrats of the establishment promotes to the public. Like they have been doing since the fifties. They will keep destroying this country and looting us all. Keep electing the people we have over and over and we will keep getting the same results. The two parties are corrupt and if you vote for the two at the federal level you are voting for more of the same.

The media plays us all of each other: Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative, Christian vs. Muslim, Protestant vs. Catholic, Jews vs. Nazi. You see this is all diversions. Just like when the wanted to pass the Cap and Trade all of sudden MJ dies, and the media explodes on his death. I am not saying the government did it. I am saying that the story was pumped up as cover to take the heat off cap and trade. Just pay attention anytime that things get politically sticky over a bill that the globalists want past, guess what happens some smoking hot story comes screaming to the TV via MSM. Weather it is created stories or just over hyped. Here is the point it is all diversions of the real issues. People Pay attention, or we will descend into a third world situation that will make you beg for the 80's.

Maybe it will take our decent into the abyss of third world living that will revitalize this countries reliance on God. We have been too comfortable and we have forgotten what it was like to depend on God. So just like Israel when they lost their way, they were conquered, and lost the Protection of Yahweh. So we are seeing our trek down the same path. History indeed does repeat itself and this time on people who should know better. Because the United States has more Bibles per house hold than anywhere on earth. As Romans chapter one states we are without excuse. So we deserve what we get because we have blinded ourselves with our falling away from God's word.

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