Thursday, June 11, 2009

Purposefull Distractions

Ladies and Gentlemen our government is at it again. The powers to be do not want to be held accountable to the American People. So HR 1207 is on the verge of being passed to audit the FED (federal reserve). The WHO (world health organization) goes to level six This is all about distracting the American people with a disaster.They create a crisis and then come in with a solution that is not good for me and you. It all ways means loosing freedoms and they plays us like a fiddle. Now level six will mean bad things for freedom loving Americans. I am talking about forced vaccinations and when you don't submit they will take your children and send you to fema camps (concentration camps). Get ready because it is coming. I have been talking about this and now here we go. Here is an article that goes into depth on the whole WHO and the pandemic thing .
Just be on guard for further distractions. Now the media is also demonizing the patriot movement and the 911 truth movement. Glenn Beck is part of the problem because he gets peoples confidence and then pushes the establishments agenda. He Beck is now saying all of us vets, patriots, gun owners, land owners we are now the terrorists.

All of our laws we passed like Patriot Act, and other so called security legislation was not for so called Al-qaeda. Folks this was all set up for the American people. Beck is calling freedom loving Americans are white Al-qaeda. We are so slipping into tyranny and unless we wake up to these evils. We are in big time trouble.

Let me make myself clear. I don't want this stuff to happen. I don't like this stuff not one bit. I only put this out cause we need to know the truth. I wish we could go back to freedom, where our worries were who is playing tonight in sports.

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