Thursday, June 4, 2009

Federal Court Says States Can Regulate Guns

No they cannot. NO NO NO they cannot. They do it, they try it but it is illegal and wrong. The courts are lying and pushing an agenda of tyranny. The bill of rights belong to each individual in the United States. Each and everyone one of us have equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution and bill of rights. The bill of rights not only restrict the federal government but also state and local governments. None of these entities can take away your rights and if they do they are breaking the law. Yes any government local, state, federal who restrict your Constitutional rights are breaking the law of this land. All of this nonsense about regulating guns is a myth. In every place in this country that you have the most restrictive gun laws. You have the highest amount of crime i.e. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. They want the public to think that if you give up your second amendment you will be safer. It has never happened in history. Giving up your rights always leads to tyranny. So go ahead and believe the controlled medial promoting propaganda. And you will be swept into a tyrannical system that will make Hitler and Stalin jealous. We need to learn from history not repeat it.

A federal appeals court in Chicago ruled today that the Second Amendment doesn’t bar state or local governments from regulating guns, adopting the same position that Judge Sonia Sotomayor, President Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, did when faced with the same question earlier this year...
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