Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ladies and Gentelmen this is a great article a must read. It hits a home run. It pulls no punches and probally the most important read of the month, if not of the year.
There can be change no change with the same incumbents. Let me give you one example: I watched Diane Feinstein (there's enough hard evidence to send her to prison forever and I don't make that statement lightly) on FOX during the rape session (bail outs last year). She said 90,000 people called her office about the bailouts. 80,000 said no and she voted for all of it anyway. You see, these craven crooks in Congress don't give a tinker's damn what you and I want
But wait folks the republicans are next!!!!!The Republicans held power from January 1995 - November 2006. Most of them are still there. They didn't eliminate one cabinet, one agency or the income tax. They did not get us out of the communist run UN or lift a pen towards monetary reform. They outspent the Democrats and voted to destroy the Bill of Rights at every opportunity, erecting a police state that has become intolerable for a free people...
Full article at the following link.

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