Thursday, October 22, 2009

Matthews, SPLC Propaganda Minister Gang Up On Oath Keepers

Mr. Rhodes the founder of Oath Keepers puts out the message about the Oath we took to the Constitution. It is not about a man. It is about the Law of the Land the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Kurt Nimmo
October 22, 2009

Chris Matthews, Democrat operative and former Carter speechwriter, and Mark Potok, director of the fear-mongering Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, ganged up on Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers the other day on MSNBC.

Out of the gate, Matthews tried to portray Rhodes as a gun nut and a rightwing extremist. He characterized Oath Keepers as a “vigilante group” and attempted to connect the organization to the “birthers” and the shooting at the Holocaust museum in Washington by a deranged white supremacist.

Matthews standard tactic is to put words in the mouths of the guests he is assigned to malign and discredit and then allow them a few seconds to respond and defend themselves before interrupting and moving on to the next accusation disguised as a question.

Matthews, a former police officer with the United States Capitol Police, has the interview finesse of a bullying cop interrogator. He accused Rhodes and the Oath Keepers of stockpiling weapons to be used in a plot to attack the federal government.

Rhodes emphatically stated that the Oath Keepers are not organizing people to engage in armed rebellion against the government. Oath Keepers are asking police officers and military personnel to disobey orders that violate the Constitution.

Matthews accused Rhodes and the Oath Keepers of harboring paranoid fantasies about foreign troops on U.S. soil.

In fact, foreign troops have conducted training exercises and other functions with the U.S. government within the United States.

Full article by Kurt Nimmo with links to all the valuable material HERE.

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  1. They are really threatened by the exercise of genuine freedom aren't they.