Thursday, October 1, 2009

All I can do is scratch my head on the first video and the second video is a slanted piece by Mr. Olberman to make the issue a left-right issue. When it is an Constitutional Issue that all Americans should be concerned. The following Article and the link to the full article with all the links leaves me scratching my head. The problems now popping up leaves me wondering and looking back saying "What were we as a country thinking setting up this problem?"

American Police Force, the paramilitary unit patrolling a small town in Montana, has been exposed as being a front group for the disgraced private military contractor Blackwater, now called “Xe”.

Just a reminder remember this current Administration President Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress are still funding Blackwater. I am just letting you know so you won't jump on to that left-right, Democrats-Republican thing. This means that both parties are supporting the war and our mercenaries in Iraq and at home.

Full article with links HERE

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