Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oklahoma Senator calls President Obama’s Address to the Nation’s School Children ‘one step too far’

Chiming in from Oklahoma about the "Charmian" addressing our children like HITLER NAZI style. Pelosi calls anyone who opposes Obama policies a "Nazi"; is that not the pot calling the kettle black.

Brogdon for Governor
September 3, 2009

OWASSO – On September 8th President Barack Obama will make an address to the nations school children. In an unprecedented speech, the President will address the children and talk about the importance of education.

However gubernatorial candidate Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) is concerned, saying, “President Obama has shown time and time againt that he has little regard for the Constitution or our founding principles”. Senator Brogdon asked, “is this the person we want addressing our children?” Brogdon went on to say that “President Obama seems intent on bypassing the parents to speak to the children directly,I don’t like that, it just one step too far.”

The President is reported to address topics such as global warming, environmental conservation, and other social issues that could be considered indoctrination rather than encouraging and stressing the importance of education.

In 1991 President George H. W. Bush addressed America’s school children to stress the importance of education, but Brogdon fears that President Obama’s speech will be dramatically different.

President Obama’s topics are best left for parents to talk about with their children, not the President of the United States.

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