Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mass. Health Bill Would Allow Warrantless Arrests, Quarantines

Sooooo... A change in tactics with the rules for radicals. They the elites never stop. They always have other methods. These tactics is to play on ones emotions of safety and knowing that judicial judges lean the way of safety. We have to be smarter in shutting down these tactics. It is obvious that they are very persistent and we are not.

I am sick and tired of the fascists gaining more and more footholds. The public better wake up before they wake up with the gestapo at the foot of their bed.

The only way to fight off the tyranny is to up hold and defend the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. In the document is the key to our freedom. The bill of rights all ten of them was written for a reason. If you want to give them up move to another country and leave me alone.

A pandemic and disaster preparation bill (S. 2028) passed unanimously by the Massachusetts Senate earlier this year is receiving wide-spread criticism as citizens mobilize to oppose its passage in the commonwealth’s House of Representatives...

This article by the New American can be read here. It has great links in the article and we should pay very close attention to what he says.

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