Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We are effective and now we are being attacked

This is proof that the Patriot movement, Tea Parties, Campaign for Liberty, Oath Keepers, and others is being effective. We are being attacked by the main stream media. This is also another example of the establishment trying to pump up the false left-right paradigm. Example the left protested the war until Obama took office but Obama has expanded the wars but no protest out of the left. Yes it is true that Obama has removed troops from Iraq but has inserted Black Water and other mercenaries in their place (They take no oath to the Constitution.) Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan and into Pakistan.

MSNBC In Cover-Up Of Manifestly Provable Population Control Plan

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As part of his obsessive drive to smear anti-big government activists as insanely paranoid and dangerous radicals, Chris Matthews and his guest, establishment neo-lib David Corn, previewed tonight’s “Rise of the New Right” hit piece by claiming that the elite’s agenda to enact dictatorial population control measures was a “conspiracy theory”.

As we have documented on numerous occasions, while Matthews points fingers at his political adversaries for preparing to engage in violence, the only real violence we’re witnessing out on the streets is being committed by Obama supporters, MSNBC thugs and other leftists who refuse to tolerate free speech that counters their propaganda.

However, MSNBC’s goal is not just to demonize the Tea Party and anti-big government activists as dangerous radicals as an avenue through which to sick the police state on them and crush their free speech, they’re also desperate to prevent Americans from lending any credence to what people like Alex Jones have to say by acting as gatekeepers to prevent such information from becoming mainstream.

A perfect example of an issue that Matthews and his ilk want to sideline is the manifestly provable fact that elitists have for decades publicly stated their desire to reduce global population by around 80 per cent and as much as 99 per cent.

During MSNBC’s Hardball show on Tuesday, Corn characterized the notion that “there is a planetary elite that literally has a secret plan to kill 80 to 99 percent of the population,” as a conspiracy theory....

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