Thursday, March 4, 2010

It is Time to Stop Being and Start Being

Calling all Americans. It is time to stop being good Democrats and Republicans and start being good Americans. One asks why and how? I will explain why before I go into how.

For way to long we have been divided in this country. We have been divided between liberal-conservative, left-right, and Democrat-Republican. You see the establishment and the controlled msm keep us in these camps. The left commentators blame everything on the evil right and the right blames everything on the left. This is how they keep us divided. We spend more time fighting with one another and in reality we have more in common than we do not. Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. The old divide and conquer strategy and it is working masterfully. You see if they can keep us fighting over the little things then the elite can get those politicians to pass bills that really matter to them. Granted that their has been some bills defeated but that is cause we have come together and stood as good Americans.

This how we stand together. We look at the issues that really matter and that we agree on. We stick to the Constitution (all parts of it) and demand our elected officials follow it ( cause they take an Oath to the Constitution.) Once the federal government has been rolled back into the boundaries of the Constitution. Then we at the state and local level can have a legitimate debate and action on how we execute the solutions to the differences and problems.

I know that this is contrary to most of our political philosophy. I know that this will take a lot of swallowing of pride. I know that it will be a long hard process and not a overnight solution. But we didn't arrive here in this situation over night. I know we will have to put country first and political parties and personnel agendas last.

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  1. Two things my friend. "Term limits and line item veto."

    Until those two things are embraced and made into law? The only hope for this country is war and a benevolent dictatorship to follow.