Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alex Jones on Sarah Palin and the illusion of change

Some of you won't like this but as it stands now this country won't get any better if Republicans take back the government. Both parties are controlled by the elite and they are taking over the tea parties. We had better get ourselves out of this false left-right paradigm and really investigate who we support for our elected officials. Unless we do that, we will continue the tyrannical policies already in place, and they will expand. We will wake up one day and wonder what happened.

Stop supporting someone just because they have a letter by there name. Stop supporting policies just because you identify with that letter by that name. Stop complaining about policies just because the other letter by the name is in charge. Can you not see that by turning a blind eye to unconstitutional government by your side, and then complaining about it when the other (so called side) side is in charge changes nothing, and we are still in this mess.

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