Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recent Terror Attack fits the mold of staged event for more control

Yes, this is a false flag attack to turn the public attention away from heath care debate and other legislation. The other side is to get you and I to give up our freedom's and liberty to the globalists in exchange for hard core liberty. If you don't think it is that bad, that is because you love your slavery.

Check out these articles. I have already drawn my conclusion. Come and makeup your mind. The truth is not always in the majority.

Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty
Congressman Ron Paul fears that the agenda behind the Flight 253 bombing incident is to expand the war on terror into Yemen while stripping Americans of more liberties, warning that it’s time people woke up and realized that the government cannot guarantee their safety.
The Congressman highlighted how the bombing attempt followed geopolitical turmoil in Yemen in the form of attacks in the country launched by the Saudis with the endorsement of the U.S. – and how sectors of the media and politicians were now calling for Yemen to be a new front in the war on terror as a consequence of the Christmas Day incident
Tarpley On RT: Foiled Underwear Bomber is Intelligence Patsy
The recent failed attack on a US passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit was a set-up provocation controlled by US intelligence, author and journalist Webster Tarpley stated to RT.

“[The terrorist’s] father, a rich Nigerian banker, went to the US embassy in Nigeria on November 19 and said ‘my son is in Yemen in a terrorist camp, do something about this.’ Nevertheless, the son is allowed to buy a ticket in Ghana, paying cash, $2,800, for a one-way ticket,” Tarpley said.

After that, a mentally deficient young man who doubtfully could make it from one gate to another managed to illegally enter Nigeria and get on a plane to Amsterdam.

“There was a well-dressed Indian man who brought him to the gate and said, ‘my friend does not have a passport, get him on, he is Sudanese, we do this all the time – that is impossible!” said Tarpley.
BOMBSHELL: Evidence Clearly Indicates Staged Attack on Detroit Flight
CNN Airs Eyewitness Testimony that ‘Well-Dressed’ Indian accomplice helped Abdulmutallab board without passport and that man on plane filmed entire flight and bombing attempt
One Day We’ll All Be Terrorists
Syed Fahad Hashmi can tell you about the dark heart of America. He knows that our First Amendment rights have become a joke, that habeas corpus no longer exists and that we torture, not only in black sites such as those at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan or at Guantánamo Bay, but also at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Lower Manhattan. Hashmi is a U.S. citizen of Muslim descent imprisoned on two counts of providing and conspiring to provide material support and two counts of making and conspiring to make a contribution of goods or services to al-Qaida. As his case prepares for trial, his plight illustrates that the gravest threat we face is not from Islamic extremists, but the codification of draconian procedures that deny Americans basic civil liberties and due process. Hashmi would be a better person to tell you this, but he is not allowed to speak.

This is my attempted to jar you out of your programing. We should be on guard. Our government has done this before using situations to erode our freedoms. It is called problem, reaction, solution. It also spells trouble for freedom and liberty. Get ready for freedom robbing legislation coming from Congress, and the Administration. If you fall for this trick then you will get what you asked for but the problem is I will be there with you. If this is not staged then this is being used against us freedom loving Americans.

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